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One of the most popular projects of the documenta 11 exhibition . . .


. . was that of the Swiss artist Hirschhorn in the Northern part of the city, that is
traditionally a social focus with a high rate of unemployment. Hirschhorn used
second hand products, old wood and a lot of parcels tape for the . . .


. . . the installation of a temporary café, library, television studio and the monument
in the centre of the old working class estate. A lot of unemployed youngsters,
many of them with Turkish roots, found a job there during the time of the exhibition.


The Kassel University also lies in the Northern part of the city and had been a
locomotive plant in the early days. Here is the university´s central library ...


. . . with an old turbine of the nearby Edersee dam in front of.



Photos: Klaus Ewald/researchracing



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