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Launched in Australia at the beginning of the 1998 Grand Prix season, the West McLaren Mercedes MP4/98T is the world´s first tandem Formula One car.

This unique race car is designed to mirror the performance of today´s Grand Prix grid and allows a passenger, seated directly behind the driver, to experience the power and exhilaration of a modern Formula One car. Safety and comfort were fundamental to the design criteria, based on the forces experienced in a Formula One car. Incorporating many of the F.I.A. driver/passenger safety regulations, the MP4/98 has increased side-impact absorption to safeguard the passenger. Each passenger is seat-fitted using techniques prevalent in Formula One. This specialist foam seating is fitted into the carbon fibre monocoque. A six-point F1 harness seat belt system further insures the safety of the passenger. A carbon fibre honeycomb composite structure, faced with 75 mm of conforfoam padding seperates the driver and passenger helmet area. Specified according to the F.I.A. impact absorption regulations, this conforfoam design is dublicated on the rear of the headrest structure to protect the passenger in the event of a frontal impact. Together with the head restraint they provide rearward and frontal impact absorption for the driver/passenger configuration. A passenger/driver alert button completes the the safety elements.

Year: 1998 Model Designation: McLaren Mercedes MP4/98T Chassis: McLaren carbon fibre monocoque Engine: Mercedes-Benz Ilmor FO110G 3.0 litre V10 Gearbox: McLaren six speed semi-automatic Electronics: TAG Electronics Wheels: Enkei Tyres: Bridgestone Dampers: Penske Brakes: AP Racing Clutch: Sachs Fuels & Oils: Mobil 1 Adhesives: Loctite Radios: Kenwood

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